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Season Two (1977-1978)

The beginning of the second season was fueled with curiosity about the departed Angel, Farrah. The show's creators took Farrah to court because her contract wasn't up and she legally wasn't supposed to be able to get out of it. But she argued that she never legally signed the contract so she bypassed it and was able to leave.

Finding a replacement for Farrah proved to be a difficult task. Farrah was a phenomenon and her finding someone to match her popularity seemed unreachable. Cheryl Ladd was offered the job several times and she repeatedly turned it down because she knew it would be hard to replace the fallen Farrah. But she finally agreed to become the new Angel if she could bring humor to the show. She wanted her character to be Farrah's character Jill's little sister. She wanted to be able to mess up and bring a touch of comedy to the show.

Chery Ladd made her debut as the rookie angel, Kristine "Kris" Munroe on September 14, 1977. It was explained that Jill Munroe left the agency to pursue a career in formula-1 racecar driving in Europe. All doubts of the show's demise after Farrah's departure were washed away after Cheryl's debut. The audience loved Cheryl and had no problem accepting her. Cheryl was quickly integrated into the group and the new trio worked well as a team, but the chemistry of the original angels just seemed to be lacking. The fans didn't mind though and the ratings were higher than the first season's.

The other angels weren't as easy for Cheryl to win over as the fans were. Kate and Jaclyn jumped into this experience with Farrah, and just thought that they would finish that way. They understood Farrah's reasons for leaving and still remained close friends with her. But they weren't accepting of a new Angel replacing their friend. David Doyle (Bosley) on the other hand loved Cheryl and the two had a great chemistry from the very beginning. He wanted her to feel at home on the set and be a part of the family.
With a new Angel in place, very successful ratings, good storylines, and happy fans...the future of the show looked very promising and the second season ended on a much better note than the first. This was the only season in which all three angels were returning for the next season. But at the same time, the show's owners were still battling ex-angel Farrah in court and the verdict was about to be be continued...

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