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Season Three (1978-1979)

Season Three is probably best known as the most suprising season. After Farrah's departure, the Producers sued her for breath of contract. So by the time the third season rolled around, Farrah and the producers had settled in the courtroom.

Their decision was that Farrah would have to make guest star appearances over the next two years. She had to do three episodes in the third season and three episodes in the fourth season. The hype over her return was incredible and the fans and critics couldnt quit talking about it. The audience even got to witness four angels instead of the normal three...including seeing the Cheryl and Farrah play sisters onscreen.

Rumors were flying that the set was full of tension as Farrah returned. Jaclyn had become very close to Cheryl but was still thrilled to see Farrah return. And of course Kate was extremely excited to see her good friend Farrah come back to the show, only if it was for a few episodes. Farrah's return was  one of the few things that Kate did find happiness in during the third season. 

Kate had been offered a lead role in the feature film Kramer vs. Kramer, but the producers wouldn't let her do it. She lost the part and was extremely upset about it. The part went to Meryl Streep, who won an Academy Award for her role. That, along with dialogue and plotlines that she totally disagreed with formed a huge drift between Kate and the producers and at the end of the season she was released from her contract. So it was time for another new Angel be continued...

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