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Season Four (1979-1980)

With the unofficial leader of the group gone, the hunt was on for an Angel that could fill the HUGE void left after Kate's departure. Kate was part-owner in the show and her character was the glue that held the trio together, her absense was going to be extremely hard to fill but they succeeded in replacing Farrah so the producer's hoped they could do it again.

Many different actresses were interviewed and Michelle Phiffer and Barbara Bach were both very strong contenders. But a covergirl and model of the 60s and 70s named Shelley Hack got the job. Shelley was best known for her work at the "Charlie" had to live in a cave in the 70s not to have seen her smile and sexy strut gracing the cover of magazine ads and television commercials for the very popular Charlie perfume.So why not have the Charlie perfume girl become one of Charlie's Angels. Shelley was hired to play Tiffany Welles, an Ivy League debutante from Boston. Shelley was also chosen because of her style. She was very glamorous and the producers hoped she could bring an elegant touch to Charlie's trio. 

When Shelley's first episode aired, fans were extremely disappointed with the new Angel. Her first episode, Love Boat Angels, explained that Sabrina went to Rome and met a man, fell in love, and got married. Then the episode went on to feature Kris in a leading role, with Kelly and new Angel Tiffany serving as mere backup, a position usually filled by Bosley. This was a sign of things to come in the season. Shelley's lack of involvement in her first outing as an Angel probably had a lot to do with her failure to please fans. 

The fourth season became best known for tackling serious storylines such as prostitution, drug abuse, and child abuse and for having episodes featuring one main Angel with the others serving as glorified costars. The lack of team oriented episodes was believed to be the biggest reason for Shelley's unpopularity. The ratings declined greatly after Kate's departure and even Farrah's guest spots on the show were losing their flair. At the end of the fourth season, Shelley Hack was let go from her angelic duties. Once again the search was on for a new Angel!!

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