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Season Five (1980-1981)

After a long search, a replacement for the not-so-popular Shelley Hack was found. A virtually unknown actress named Tanya Roberts was hired as Charlie's newest sleuth. Tanya played model-turned-detective Julie Rogers. Julie is the only Angel not to have any police training. She went to a modeling school  after growing up on the streets of New York.

In the first episode of the fifth season, Angel In Hiding, the Angels accept the case of finding the murderer that killed a young model. Kelly, Kris, and Bosley handle the case alone because Tiffany decided to move back to New England. The Angels discover meet Julie while investigating because she is the murder victims roommate.  She is a top suspect until they find that she is helping her ex-parole officer bust an undercover drug ring. She ends up helping the Angels and Bosley solve the case. So Charlie offers her the unfilled position on his team and the governor gives her a trial basis detective license.

The Producers make up for their past mistakes by integrating Julie into the team quickly and giving her lots of action scenes. They even have their original dream of having a blonde, brunette, and redheaded angel finally after auburn-headed Tanya joins. 

The producers also brainstormed for ideas that could bring the show back into the top 10, where it was positioned for the first 3 years. For the first time, the whole team of Angels would wear bikinis, whereas Kate wouldn't wear any type of swimsuit and Farrah & Shelley only wore one-pieces. Also to boost ratings, the show moves to Hawaii for the first seven episodes. Charlie opens a new agency in Hawaii and the Angels go there to get it off the ground. Lots of skin, action, and entertaining episodes probably would have salvaged this season, but everyone had already stopped watching the show. But just as all good things must come to an end, Charlie's Angels was no different. So after a huge decline in ratings during the fourth season, several cast changes, and five years of loyal service, Charlie's Angels was cancelled. It was the end of a phenomenon and the end of the greatest era in history!!

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