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 Kate left the show after having to turn down a role in the film Kramer vs. Kramer...a role that went to Meryl Streep ( who won much acclaim!). But this didn't stop her from having a continuing career in entertainment. She has appeared in many big and small screen films since turning in her halo and had two television series after Angels: Scarecrow and Mrs. King and Baby Boom. Kate overcame breast cancer in the 90s and was able to help and comfort her friend Jaclyn Smith when she was diagnosed in 2003. Now Kate has a new television movie coming out soon and lives a happy life raising her adopted son Charles Taylor Jackson.


After leaving Charlie's Angels at the end of its first season, Farrah was sued by the creators and settled to make 6 guest appearances spanning the third and fourth seasons. After doing her angelic court duties, Farrah was blacklisted in Hollywood for awhile. But she came back with a bang in the 80s with her amazing performances in the television movie The Burning Bed, and the Broadway show and film version of Extremities. She is still in the Hollywood spotlight with a recent Emmy nomination for her role in TV's The Guardian and has two films lined up: The Cookout and Hollywood Wives 2. She also just wrote a book and had an art-show to show off her sculpture in 2002. Farrah may even return to Broadway in Bobbi Boland. 


After finishing the last year of Charlie's Angels, Jaclyn Smith quickly began working on her title as the "Queen of T.V.  Movies". She is still working very hard in television and film appearances (most recently returning as Kelly Garrett in Charlie's Angels 2:Full Throttle), and still appears as a semi regular on the series The District. She has had her own clothing line since the early 80s with K-Mart and just recently introduced her new furniture line. Jaclyn recently overcame a battle with breast cancer and is just happy to be alive with her husband and two children Spencer and Gaston. 


Cheryl Ladd has also been very busy since Charlie's Angels ended in 1981. She has been in a ton of films and guest roles . She had her own series One West Waikiki in '94 and appeared as a semi-regular cast member on Two Guys and  a Girl in 2000. Also in 2000 Cheryl accepted the part of Annie Oakley in the Broadway version of Annie Get Your Gun. Cheryl has a new show premiering in fall 2003, Las Vegas, and still works hard for her favorite organization, Childhelp USA.


Shelley Hack left Charlie's Angels under terms not quite as "angelic" as the others.  I must have taken the Tiffany character much lighter than everyone else because none of these girls were supposed to be believable  detectives...and Tiffany was the best example of that...Shelley just played the part TOO well...and her physical comedy was amazing. She had two tv shows after CA...Cutter to Houston and Jack and Mike...both lasted only one season.  She has appeared in several great movies after the show like Stepfather and Frequent Flyer and even ran for political office, but sadly wasn't elected. Most recently she hosted A&E's Angel Biography Week...she was more stunning than ever!


After Charlie's Angels ended in 1981,  Tanya posed for Playboy in 1982 to promote her new film Beastmaster...which was a huge hit. From there things seemed to get even better. She was a Bond Girl in A View to A Kill and played the lead character in Sheena, which was hoped to rejuvenate that franchise. But Sheena didn't do as well as projected and she started appearing in "B-movies"...holding the title of "Queen of the B-movies" for awhile...until Shannon Tweed took her crown. Tanya moved on to the erotic series Hotline and took a break from acting after that. She resurfaced in That 70's of her best characters to date. Sadly, her husband became very ill and she had to leave the show at the end of its third season. Now Tanya's new show "Sanctuary" is planned to premiere on Animal Planet soon and she is enjoying life with her husband and dogs.