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Sure the interesting plots captivated viewers, but the real reason for Charlie's success...was his Angels. Boys love their heavenly bodies and kick-butt crime-fighting moves. While girls want to have their clothes...and their looks!! The show has something for everyone...that's it's appeal! As a little added bonus...the Angels work great together! That's what makes these women...America's Angels!!!!!
Kate Jackson -as- Sabrina Duncan (1976-1979) Farrah Fawcett-Majors -as- Jill Munroe (1976-1977)
Jaclyn Smith -as- Kelly Garrett (1976-1981) Cheryl Ladd -as- Kris Munroe (1977-1981)
Shelley Hack -as- Tiffany Welles (1979-1980) Tanya Roberts -as- Julie Rogers (1980-1981)
David Doyle -as- John Bosley (1976-1981) John Forsythe -as- the voice of Charlie Townsend
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