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**Angelic Art**







This is from a press kit that came out right after the show was cancelled.

"Private Eyes"- by Mr. JoSeph

A great rendition of the Angels and Bosley from Mad Magazine, 1977.

The cover art from Mad Magazine 1977

Here are two of artist Brian Davis' great caricatures of Charlie's original Angels!!

These two are from

The cover of Craked Magazine

From The Newfoundland Herald

A sketch of the office from Charlie's Angels 2000: The Movie

An incredible caricature of Shelley Hack by an artist named Marcelo Casidis. He not only draws the best caricatures of the Angels I have ever seen...but he is also a wonderful person!! For more of Marcelo's drawings check out:

Beavis & Butt-Head-"Angels Style"...from the movie, "Beavis & Butt-Head Do America"

Angel Art comes in many different forms...and on many different mediums. The piece on the left is from a T-shirt and the one on  the right is from a cushion.

Check Back Soon For More New Additions to Charlie's 3 Sexy Sleuths: Angelic Art!!!!